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Seaside Resorts of the UK

Here is a list of all of the seaside resorts listed on UK coast guide website. We use a very broad definition of resort for this page and it includes ports, villages, outstanding features, - such as notable headlands, and coastal cities. 

UK Coast Guide - Regions and Resorts

South West England                                                                          Southern England

Lyme Regis - Bridport   Lyme Regis - Bridport Listings                                 Weymouth   Weymouth Listings

Sidmouth   Sidmouth Listings 

Seaton   Seaton Listings                                                                                     Swanage   Swanage Listings

Budleigh Salterton  Budleigh Salterton Listings                                            Poole   Poole Listings

Exmouth  Exmouth Listings                                                                            Bournemouth  Bournemouth Listings

Exeter  Exeter Listings                                                                                       Lymington  Lymington Listings  

 Dawlish  Dawlish Listings                                                                                 Isle of Wight    Isle of Wight Listings

Teignmouth  Teignmouth Listings                                                                Southampton    Southampton Listings

Torbay  Torbay Listings                                                                                    Portsmouth    Portsmouth Listings

Dartmouth  Dartmouth Listings                                                                     Channel Islands   Channel Island Listings

Salcombe  Salcombe Listings                                                                             Chichester   Chichester Listings

Plymouth  Plymouth Listings                                                                            Bognor Regis  Bognor Regis Listings

Looe   Looe Listings                                                                                               Worthing  Worthing Listings 

Fowey   Fowey Listings                                                                                       Brighton/ Hove   Brighton Listings 

St Austell  St Austell Listings                                                                            

Truro  Truro Listings                                                                                           

Falmouth - Penryn  Falmouth - Penryn Listings

Penzance  Penzance Listings

Isles of Scilly  Isles of Scilly Listings

St Ives  St Ives Listings

Newquay  Newquay Listings

Padstow  Padstow Listings

Bude  Bude Listings

Bideford - Barnstaple  Bideford - Barnstaple Listings

Ilfracombe    Ilfracombe Listings

Minehead  Minehead Listings

Burnham on Sea  Burnham on Sea Listings        

Weston super Mare  Weston super Mare


South East England                                                     Wales    

 Eastbourne   Eastbourne Listings                                                            Cardiff  Cardiff Listings

Hastings  Hastings Listings                                                                        Swansea    Swansea Listings

Folkestone  Folkestone Listings                                                                  Tenby   Tenby Listings

Dover  Dover Listings                                                                                    Pembroke  Pembroke Listings

Margate - Ramsgate  Margate - Ramsgate Listings                              Aberystwyth   Aberystwyth Listings

Whitstable  Whitstable Listings                                                                 Porthmadog  Porthmadog Listings

Chatham  Chatham Listings                                                                      Caernarfon   Caernarfon Listings

London  London Listings                                                                               Anglesey   Anglesey Listings 

                                                                                                                             Bangor   Bangor Listings 

                                                                                                                             Llandudno   Llandudno Listings

                                                                                                                             Rhyl  Rhyl Listings


Eastern England                                                                               North West England

Southend on Sea  Southend on Sea Listings                                            Birkenhead  Birkenhead Listings

Clacton on Sea  Clacton on Sea Listings                                                   Liverpool  Liverpool Listings

Felixstowe  Felixstowe Listings                                                                    Southport  Southport Listings

Lowestoft  Lowestoft Listings                                                                        Blackpool  Blackpool Listings 

Great Yarmouth  Great Yarmouth Listings                                            Morecambe  Morecambe Listings

Cromer  Cromer Listings                                                                               Barrow in Furness  Barrow in Furness Listings

Kings Lynn  Kings Lynn Listings                                                                Isle of Man  Isle of Man Listings

Skegness  Skegness Listings                                                                          Whitehaven  Whitehaven Listings

Grimsby  Grimsby Listings


North East England                                                     Northern Ireland

Kingston upon Hull  Kingston upon Hull Listings                                Newcastle  Newcastle Listings

Bridlington  Bridlington Listings                                                               Belfast   Belfast Listings

Scarborough  Scarborough Listings                                                          Ballycastle  Ballycastle Listings

Whitby  Whitby Listings                                                                              Coleraine  Coleraine Listings

Middlesbrough  Middlesbrough Listings                                                   Londonderry  Londonderry Listings

Newcastle upon Tyne  Newcastle upon Tyne Listings           

Ashington - Blythe  Ashington - Blythe Listings   

Berwick upon Tweed  Berwick upon Tweed Listings

West Scotland                                                                East Scotland

Stranraer  Stranraer Listings                                                                     Edinburgh  Edinburgh Listings

Ayr  Ayr Listings                                                                                            Dundee  Dundee Listings

Glasgow  Glasgow Listings                                                                            Aberdeen   Aberdeen Listings

Oban   Oban Listings                                                                                       Inverness   Inverness Listings

Fort William  Fort William Listings                                                           Thurso - Wick  Thurso - Wick Listings

Kyle of Lochalsh  Kyle of Lochalsh Listings                                              Orkney   Orkney Listings

Ullapool  Ullapool Listing                                                                              Shetland   Shetland Listings

 Coastal Activities

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