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The Northern Ireland coastline reflects the characteristics of the UK mainland coast in its rich variety of habitats, its convoluted shape with wide bays, secluded beaches and towering cliffs. Some of the town names are even the same, with a Newcastle and a Bangor, reflecting a common heritage with mainland Britain.


Northern Ireland is part of the island of Ireland, of course - which also has a very varied and interesting coastline. It is out of the scope of this website to cover the whole of Ireland but there is a link to a guide to Ireland within the Links section. Search the resort pages for details of hotels, guest houses, cottages and tourist attractions.

The main gateway to Northern Ireland is via Belfast, the regions capital. Ferries to Belfast operate from Stranraer in Scotland, Douglas on the Isle of Man and from Fleetwood in England. Belfast also has an international airport with flights to many UK and European destinations. 



Travel within the region is straightforward enough but with an Irish twist. The M1 motorway leaves Belfast and runs west towards the interior and Omagh. However the M1 also runs south to Dublin - the A1 runs from Belfast towards the south but shortly after entering Ireland it becomes the M1 again! From Belfast the M2 runs up to the north and the coast. Take the A2 to see the best views of the coastal region. To look for Northern Ireland coast hotels, guest houses and cottages - see the resort pages. 

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    Giant's Causeway Ireland      Belfast Castle       Northern Ireland Beach 

             Giant's Causeway N Ireland                     Belfast Castle                                 Northern Ireland Beach



Map of Northern Ireland Coast

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Full details of Northern Ireland coast hotels, guest houses and cottages may be found in the resort pages.

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