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Felixstowe and nearby Harwich are both major ports but with a resort side to their natures. Felixstowe, in Suffolk, is Britain's largest container port, while Harwich, in Essex, is better known for its ferries to European destinations. However both towns do have a tourist side to them and Felixstowe  has a good beach close to the town, there is a warm welcome for visitors 

                                                   Harwich quay Harwich 

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At the coast there is a long, mostly sandy beach,  a promenade, a pier and gardens along the promenade. The beach is popular with families and there is a good range of facilities for visitors. There is also a famous fort, Landguard Fort which reputedly repulsed and invasion by the Dutch in 1667. There is a ferry which connects Felixstowe to Harwich across the River Orwell.   

                         Felixstowe Beach 


Nearby Harwich is the older of the two ports and used to be the main port for the area until Felixstowe was founded in the mid nineteenth century by a local businessman who failed to be chosen as Harwich's MP. In retaliation he decided to develop Felixstowe as an alternative to the old port. Harwich lies on the estuaries of the River Orwell and the River Stour and this fact made it a favoured location as a port and as a naval base. It became a naval base in 1657 and was heavily fortified against Dutch and French invaders. 

Harwich has a long history as a naval base as well as a port and many of Britain's famous mariners, such as Sir Frances Drake spent time here. Today ferries run to Gothenburg, Esbjerg and the Hook of Holland. 

                          Felixstowe Docks       Harwich Ferry 


Places to visit in Felixstowe area

Family Amusements - Sea Rd, Felixstowe, Suffolk IP11 2DH Tel: 01394 271381

Clare Castle Country Park - Malting Lane, Clare, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 8NW Tel: 01787 277491

Ickworth House Park & Gardens - Ickworth Rotunda, Ickworth, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP29 5QE Tel: 01284 735270

Ipswich - lies inland some 8 miles at the head of the River Orwell and is a busy port and commercial centre. 

Map of the Felixstowe area 

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