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East England Coast Guide

The East coast region of the UK has a lot to offer residents and tourists alike. Although not as busy in tourist terms as the south coast the east coast resorts attract a large number of visitors and the area has some of the UK's most popular resorts. These resorts range from the 'all singing - all  dancing' seaside resorts such as Southend-on-Sea and Clacton to the quieter pleasures of Frinton-on-Sea and Cromer.



For the purposes of the UK coast guide the east consists of the coast of Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk and Lincolnshire - see map below. The coastline tends to be different from other parts of the UK, with its own distinctive characteristics. The lie of the land is lower and there are less cliffs and hills in general. Indeed some of the coast along the eastern region is so low lying that it is scarcely above sea level. Coastal defences are a major concern along some parts of this area. 

The resorts/towns included in this section of the guide start with Southend-on-Sea to the south and extend northwards up to Grimsby at the mouth of the River Humber. Taking in the port of Lowestoft and the major resorts of Great Yarmouth and Skegness. To look for east coast hotels, guest houses and cottages - see the resort pages. 



Access by road to the area can be tricky, as surprisingly, there are no motorways within the region other than the M11 link between London and Cambridge. However there are reasonable dual carriageway links to Ipswich along the A12 and to Norwich along the A11.

      Southend-on-Sea Essex      Southend Pier       Great Yarmouth beach 

                          Essex coast                                            Southend pier                                                    Great Yarmouth


Details of hotels, guest houses and cottages can be found in the resort pages.



Map of Eastern England


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