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On this page you will find news stories about the UK coast and seaside resorts.

Torbay's balloon goes up!

A tethered balloon attraction has been added to Torquay's seafront. The balloon which flies up to 400 feet above the seafront offers views across Torbay and as far a Dartmoor in the north. Adult tickets cost 14 at the time of writing and the initial reaction from visitors was very positive. May 2008 Read more on this story


Cash grants to smarten up seaside resorts

Government money is to made available to some seaside resorts to enable them to smarten up and redevelop some run down areas. Up to 4m will be made available under the Sea Change initiative and is intended for cultural and heritage projects that will improve the look and style of some faded resorts. The first three grants will be made to Blackpool, Torbay and Dover in 2008. This a timely measure from the Government and one which should kick start the re-generation of some of our  once stylish resorts. Torquay is a good example of a resort which has recently declined in reputation and is sorely in need of some major restoration works.       April 2008. Read more on this story

Proposals for coast path around whole of mainland Britain

Access to the whole of the coastline of mainland Britain may become a reality if the plan from The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs goes ahead. The proposal is to open up access to all of the British coast - at present only about 50% of the coast is accessible to the public. The plan would create a 'corridor' of accessible land around the coast and would cost 50m and take around ten years to implement. There has been some concern voiced about the plans by coastal businesses and major landowners in some areas. In our view this would be a very welcome initiative as the coast is a major recreational resource for the UK and greater access should provide greater well being for UK residents and offer employment and business opportunities for coastal towns. April 2008 Read more on this story




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