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Bristol may be regarded as the gateway to the Westcountry which is more or less right if you are travelling from the north of the country. However there are people in the far west who regard Bristol as being in the Midlands! Which ever view you take Bristol is a fascinating area in its own right with a long maritime history and is well worth a visit.

                                                                    Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol

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Bristol's early history was as a flourishing port, although situated seven miles upstream from the Seven estuary most ships of that time could navigate the river. In early times this trade consisted of cocoa, sugar tobacco and slaves. With manufactured goods and cloth going in the opposite direction. The dock area of Bristol were constructed at this time but have now been put to other uses. As the size of ships grew the river became too narrow to navigate and maritime trade shifted to Avonmouth and Bristol turned to other trades. At the present time Bristol is a busy city with a wide variety of economic activity and lively nightlife with plenty of clubs and bars.


Within Bristol itself there are many things to see and do, stroll along the river front and visit the cafes and restaurants, or head for one of the major attractions that are available within the city. 

The Clifton Suspension Bridge spans the Avon gorge and is a prime example of Britain's industrial heritage. Designed by Isambard Brunel the bridge is 75m above the river and was completed in 1864, having taken 28 years to finish.

Bristol Zoo is quite large and has gorillas and a rainforest section among many other interesting features - well worth a visit!



SS Great Britain is moored in the dock area and was the first large ship to be built of iron and driven by a propeller. This is another of Brunel's stunning achievements and Bristol is justifiably proud of this Victorian engineer who was a resident of the city. 

At Bristol is a modern attraction that has been open for a few years now. Part of it is themed on a science basis and another part on the natural world. There is also an Imax cinema showing great 3D films. 








Avonmouth is the new port area for Bristol that can be seen from the bridges on the M5. It appears, at first glance, to be the place that imports all of our cars!

What to see in Bristol - Bristol tourist attractions

Bristol Harbourside - There are a lot of interesting features and businesses along this stretch of river. 

SS Great Britain - Great Western Dock Gas Ferry Road Bristol Phone: 0117 926 0680

Mathew - a replica of the ship that John Cabot sailed to America in. 

Bristol Zoo Gardens - Clifton Bristol BS8 3HA Tel: 0117 974 7399

At-Bristol - Science and nature theme park - Anchor Road, Harbourside, Bristol BS1 5DB Tel: 0845 345 1235

Clifton Suspension Bridge





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 The National Lobster Hatchery - Padstow

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                                                                                                                                  The Beach Pub - Exmouth


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