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Scotland East Coast Guide

Scotland's east coast is one of the richest areas of the UK's coastline, in terms of landscape, habitats and wildlife. Along its length you will find a wealth of stunning coastal views, secluded villages, unspoilt beaches and rich wildlife habitats to visit. As well as two of the UK's most dynamic cities - Edinburgh, to the south and Aberdeen, in the north of the region



The coast of Scotland is amazing in terms of its environment and length - with its twisting, convoluted shape and myriad of islands, there is a great deal of coastline to explore. It is estimated that 60% of the total UK coastline lies within Scotland's borders. This represents around 6000 miles of coast, taking into account all of the off-shore islands - the total length of the UK's coast is estimated to be around 11,300 miles.  So a rough estimate would suggest that around 50% of Scotland's coast lies within the western sector and 50% in the eastern sector - which would work out at around 3000 miles of coast in each sector, plenty to visit. See map below. To look for Scotland east coast hotels, guest houses and cottages - see the resort pages. 



The east coast of Scotland is well served by the road network - the A9 serves most of the area and is a good through route to the far north. The A90 spurs off at Perth to take you to Aberdeen and Fraserburgh. 

     Arbroath Harbour     Scotland East Coast     Forth Bridge  

                Arbroath harbour                                                Scotland east coast                                                             Forth Bridge       


Full details of guest houses, hotels and cottages can be found in the resort pages.



Map of the East Coast of Scotland 

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