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Wales offers its residents and visitors alike a  very rich experience when it comes to culture, heritage, landscape and hospitality. There is also a huge range of different environments along its coastline; from the industrial landscape of its major ports to quiet, hidden  fishing villages through to the bustling, lively seaside resorts of the north coast to visit. Wales has something to offer everyone along its magnificent coast, a great location for a holiday in any season.

                                                Rhossili Beach Gower Peninsular 


For many people Wales is not well known for its coastal areas, many tourists are aware of the valleys and cities of the south and the area around Snowdon but do not know very much about the coastline of Wales. This is a shame as the coastline of Wales is one of its major assets with some wonderful, secluded beaches to explore. Wales has a long coastline for a relatively small country, as a look at the map below will illustrate. There is a large range of different environment and habitats within this area. These range from the commercialised areas around the major ports, such as Cardiff and Port Talbot, to stunning scenery around the designated beauty spots at the Gower Peninsular and Pembroke Coast National Park, to the quiet fishing communities of the west coast. For a complete change why not visit the small coastal settlement of Porthmadog and the enchanting village of Portmeirion. To look for Welsh coast hotels, guest houses and cottages - see the resort pages. 


In general the Welsh coast is far less developed than the south or south west regions and this is the attraction for many people. It is possible to find huge areas of unspoilt countryside without travelling very far. If you're looking for stunning views and deserted beaches or a challenging walk and a warm welcome at the end of it then Wales is the place to visit. Wales has an excellent array of outdoor activities available including riding, walking, climbing, surfing, sailing and windsurfing. 

News update - The long awaited Wales Coast Path is due to open in May 2012. This is a magnificent project which will see all of the Welsh coast open to the public - some 870 miles. This will be the longest trail in the UK by quite a margin and should be very attractive for long distance walkers and day trippers alike. The path runs from near Chester in the north to Chepstow in the south - much of the trail is waymarked but not all of it, so you may still need to navigate yourself around some sections.

Highlights of the coast of Wales 

     Caernarfon Castle    Tenby Coast    Cardiff Bay  Portmeirion Wales coast

                     Caernarfon Castle                                      Tenby                                        Cardiff Bay                                                   Portmeirion     


Transport into the region is mostly good  from the south and north but it can be problematic towards central Wales. From the north the A55 via Chester is an excellent route in that goes right along the coast to the port of Holyhead, for ferry connections to Dublin. From the south the M4 connects England and Wales via the magnificent new Severn Bridge, which spans the Bristol channel. The route west is extended by the A48 which goes to Carmarthen and then onwards on the A40 to Haverfordwest. The problems begin when you try to go north towards the coast of west Wales - there are only small twisty roads and it can take for ever especially if there is any amount of traffic. the same is true from the north - routes to the south are not in abundance and follow the twisting valleys - but the scenery is excellent - so slow down and enjoy the ride!


To look for Welsh coast hotels, guest houses and cottages - see the resort pages. 



Map of Welsh coast



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