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A further 70 miles out from the Orkney Islands lie the Shetland Islands - a group of some 100 islands, of which only fifteen are inhabited. Surprisingly the Shetland Islands are only 200 miles from Norway, while London is around 800 miles away.

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So it is not so surprising, given the geography, to find that these islands were under Norse rule until 1469, when they were gifted to Scotland as part of a Princess's dowry. Many of the place names on the islands are derived from the Norse language. 

Today some 12,000 people live on the islands and the majority of these are in Lerwick, with 7300 people. Around 2150 live on the northerly islands of Yell and Unst. The main island are all connected by car ferries and there are several ferries which run from Lerwick to Norway on a seasonal basis. 


Muckle Flugga - the lighthouse on the edge of the World!Lerwick, situated on the main island, known as Mainland, is the UK's most northerly town. It is a busy harbour with fishing vessels mixing with traffic from the North Sea oil rigs at the harbour side. Shetland has an abundance of bird life and is home to more than 250,000 puffins. The most northerly road in the whole UK is the A968 which runs up to the northernmost inhabited island of Unst via the island of Yell just to the south - there is not much traffic here! Robert Louis Stephenson wrote Treasure Island while living on Unst - while his uncle built the lighthouse at Muckle Flugga - the UK's most northerly lighthouse. Could come in useful for Trivial Pursuits! Anyway one thing is certain - its a long way from St Agnes in the Scilly Isles - to the island of Unst - around 1020 miles in fact.

      Muckle Flugga lighthouse     


Places to visit around the Shetlands

Fetlar Interpretive Centre - Beach of Houbie, Fetlar, Shetland, ZE2 9DJ Tel: 01957 733206 

Fair Isle Lodge & Bird Observatory - The Lodge, Fair Isle, Shetland, Shetland Islands ZE2 9JU Tel: 01595 760258 

Jarlshof - Sumburgh, Shetland, ZE3 9JN Tel: 01950 460112

St Magnus Bay Charters - Bird watching and fishing trips - Vaara, Aith, Bixter, Shetland, ZE2 9ND Tel / Fax: 01595 810378

Shetland Geotours - Guided walks - Meal, Hamnavoe, Burra Isle,  Shetland ZE2 9LB Phone: 01595 859 218



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